Challenges of being a caregiver

If you would be interested in sharing your insight as a Caregiver, whether past or present, please answer the following questions. My goal of hearing your stories and experiences is so that I may create some educational material that will be of assistance for both you and other Caregivers.

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What were the biggest challenges/roadblocks you faced when stepping into the role of being a Caregiver?

Question 2 of 5

What steps did you take to overcome each challenge?

Question 3 of 5

What did you have to learn to overcome each challenge?

Question 4 of 5

Please list specific items you would like to learn about when it comes to being a caregiver:

Question 5 of 5

Please be sure to share any other thoughts, questions or concerns you may have as a Caregiver that has not been addressed.

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