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Generationally Prepared's Turnkey Employee Resource Group Online Platform

Are you looking for effective ways to support your employees who are caring for aging family members? We have the solution you've been searching for!

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Is your business ready for the tsunami of  Employees who are supporting an Aging Family Member?

Family Caregiver for Seniors Employee Facts

• 24% of employees act as family caregivers

• 33% of working family caregivers quit

• 75% of family caregivers are women

• By 2030, Baby Boomers begin transitioning to needing levels of care and the percentage of working family caregivers will increase significantly

• Working family caregivers will increase across all: Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z

 Do the math:

 • 1,000 employees = 240 family caregivers = 79 will quit (59 are women)

 • These percentages will only increase

Questions for you to ask:

• How will these statistics impact your company's bottom line, employee retention and diversity goals?

• Who are the Family Caregivers within your company? • How do you help your employees identify as family caregivers?

• What is your organization doing now to create an open dialogue, supportive and safe workspace for your family caregivers?

• What more can your organization be doing to support your family caregiving employees while enhancing your brand?

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Generationally Prepared's Turnkey Employee Resource Group (ERG)  Online Platform

With the number of your employees caring for and supporting one or more aging family member on the rise, it's crucial for your business to find innovative solutions to ease the burden on your employee caregivers. 

Introducing Generationally Prepared's Turnkey Employee Resource Group (ERG) Online Platform: a game-changer in supporting your employee caregivers. Our Turnkey ERG's Online Platform offers a range of short-term and long-term solutions specifically tailored to benefit both employers and employees. Packed with valuable tools and resources like checklists, guidance materials, webinars led by aging and eldercare experts, information about government programs and a vibrant community of other caregivers, our Turnkey ERG's Online Platform aims to alleviate caregiver stress and keep your business on high ground when the employee caregiver tsunami hits.

By providing this comprehensive support system to employees who are caring for an aging family member, you can make a remarkable difference in your workplace. Say goodbye to absenteeism, low productivity levels, compensation claims, and replacement costs that result from employee turnover due to caregiving responsibilities. Empower your employees on their caregiving journey and reap the rewards!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. Schedule a free call with us today to discuss Generationally Prepared’s  Turnkey Employee Resource Group Online Platform that perfectly fits your company.

We are also providing initial survey questions to help you understand the employee caregiving challenges unique to your business.

Let's take action now and transform the employee caregiving support in your workplace!

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