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Guest Speakers

Live Q&A  with Anchor Advisors

April  2023 

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Hey Generationally Prepared Members, join us as we welcome Dora (Turner) Linkerhof and Angie Turner as we discuss everything you need to know about Medicare. We will discuss eligibility, the enrollment process, how to determine what coverages you should obtain, what is the "Doughnut Hole" I always hear about and much, much more! Be sure to attend so that you have an opportunity to ask questions.

Angie’s Bio: Angie Turner, Licensed Benefits Advisor, is a is a graduate of Penn State University and has her MBA from Gannon University. Angie has been a leader in the Human Resources and Benefits field for over 25 years and is excited to be a part of Anchor Advisors, where she will utilize her experience to identify appropriate health insurance and Medicare options for her clients. Angie and her husband, Bill, live in Russell, PA and have three daughters: Dora, Lexie and Eva.

Dora’s Bio: Dora (Turner) Linkerhof Licensed Benefits Advisor, created Anchor Advisors with the goal of making Medicare and health insurance less confusing for beneficiaries.  Dora is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Business Management and has her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from St. Bonaventure University. Dora lives with her husband, Caleb, in Russell, PA with their dog.

Anchor Advisor Disclaimer: We do not offer every plan available in your area.  Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area.  Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.


Live Q&A with Zack Demopolous

May 18, 2023 

11:00 am, eastern time

Hey Generationally Prepared Members, join us as we welcome Zack Demopolous, Caregiver, Caregiver Advocate, Former Owner ComForCare Home Care, HR Professional and Podcaster Raising “Rents:” (as in Parents) where he and guests discuss the challenges of caring for aging parents or adults in general.

Zack will discuss his experiences of being a caregiver such as making a home senior proof so that loved ones can live at home longer, and also bring some insight from being a professional Realtor. Also, from previous professional experiences, insight from a Human Resource perspective on challenges caregivers face.

This conversation will be extremely informative and a chance for you to ask questions of Zack, someone very well versed in these topics.

Live Q&A  Kimberly Whiter, Owner & CEO of Elder Care Solutions

June 21, 2023

11:00 am, eastern time

Hey Generationally Prepared Members, join us as we welcome Kimberly Whiter, Owner & CEO of Elder Care Solutions.

With a strong academic background in breaking down structured silos and tailoring specific solutions that enhance business efficiencies, Kim was approached by the initial founders of Elder Care Solutions to work through the fragmented systems and bureaucracies of how people pay for long term care. When offered the CEO role in 2019, Kim was also thrust into becoming a caregiver. She soon accepted the CEO opportunity and in 2021 became sole owner. Kim has been tireless in her advocacy for change in the Caregiving Economy and has been laser focused on her mission of helping her clients navigate the fragmented systems between government institutions and the private sector in paying for long term care. Kim is an expert in both navigating the long-term care payment options and developing your best approach.

Be sure to listen in and learn about the challenges of how to pay for long term care needs, what you need to know and how you can best approach these decisions. And come with your questions!

Live Q&A with Consuela Marshall, Occupational Therapist, Founder of Finding a Foothold Caregiver Coaching and Consulting Service.

July 19, 2023

11:00 a.m. eastern time

Hey Generationally Prepared Members, join us as we welcome Consuela Marshall, Occupational Therapist, Founder of Finsing a Foothold Caregiver Coaching and Consulting Service.

Consuela Marshall is an occupational therapist and the founder of Finding A Foothold Caregiver Coaching and Consulting Service, providing group coaching to family caregivers and to companies in support of their caregiver employees.  She has been an occupational therapist for over 25 years, working in an inpatient rehab unit, skilled nursing care unit and then predominantly in the home health setting greater than 20 years.  She has entered hundreds of homes, seeing up close and personal the challenges that caregivers face when caring for their loved ones.  She has provided therapy services in the home to those with injuries, debilitating diagnoses or who are advanced in age and has provided training to their caregivers who assist them.

As a Certified Fall Prevention Specialist and Certified Aging In Place Specialist, she has provided education and training on creating a safe home environment, that maximizes independence of a loved one, minimizes the workload of a caregiver while also minimizing injury and fall risks.  Also adding to her formal education is the invaluable education gained from being the caregiver to her mother who had severe physical limitations and to an “aunt” diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. 

Finding A Foothold’s Group Coaching Program, “UN-Losing You In Caregiving”, is a monthly subscription based program that equips caregivers with tools and strategies to help them identify their role and tailor a caregiving plan that also addresses their needs.  The coaching group meets twice a month via zoom. 

Consuela is the host of Caregivers Finding A Foothold Podcast and creator of MyFoothold Blog which allows caregivers to present challenges they are facing and receive insight on ways to over those challenges.  Consuela is also a public speaker and featured on numerous podcasts.



Live Q&A with Brenda Freed Co-Creator of the digital  Mackenzie Meets Alzheimer's Program.

September 20, 2023 

11:00 am, eastern time

Hey Generationally Prepared Members, join us as we welcome Brenda Freed, Co-Creator of the digital  Mackenzie Meets Alzheimer's Program.

Brenda will be providing insights on coping with Alzheimer's disease for the responsible adults with children. Learn how to help children and their families to interact, maintain loving relationships, and create positive memories with loved ones who have Alzheimer's or dementia from diagnosis through the severe stage. Be sure to bring your questions!

Brenda has a Master’s degree in Music Education/Music Therapy, with an emphasis in counseling. Freed pioneered the Music Therapy Program at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics where she worked with patients of all ages and diagnoses, including Alzheimer’s disease. She has published music therapy articles, a poetry magazine and an arts and entertainment magazine. Freed teaches voice, piano and guitar online to all ages, voice and harmony workshops at festivals and conferences, and has produced a line of
Effortless Music Instruction Products. She created the Young Artist Performance Incubator (YAPI) program at the renowned Kerrville Folk Festival. Freed is also a performing singer songwriter with several published albums of original material. She and her husband perform as Him & Her TX.

Live Q&A with DeLon Canterbury, *PharmD,BCGP

*African American COVID - 19 Task Force (AACT+)

*President/CEO of GeriatRx, Inc.

* Founder of the Deprescribing Accelerator

October 18, 2023

11:00 am, eastern time

Hey Generationally Prepared Members, join us as we welcome DeLon Canterbury, PharmD, BGCP, African American COVID - 19 Task Force (AACT+) and President/CEO of GeriatRx, Inc.

To day we are going to discuss Delon Canterbury's focus on issues of elderly patients being overmedicated and specific actions to address this concern. We will discuss his three month strategy to address overmedicated patients using a holistic and evidence-based approach in accordance with your prescriber,  We will also discuss his vision where all pharmacists and senior care providers act as Deprescribing Advocates.

You do not want to miss you opportunity to ask questions!

GeriatRx is a pharmacist-led medication management company that focuses on helping overwhelmed caregivers stop their loved ones from being overmedicated using genetic-drug screening, deprescribing, and health cost savings strategies. We specialize in developing medication action plans for patients of all ages, but with a specialty in Geriatric care. Unlike your traditional pharmacist, we develop a three month strategy to address overmedicated patients using a holistic and evidence-based approach in accordance with your prescriber so that there are no gaps in communication of care. Founder of the Deprescribing Accelerator, DeLon envisions all pharmacists and senior care providers as Deprescribing Advocates and coaches professionals how to integrate Deprescribing into their clinical practice! We provide a concierge and personalized approach to health solutions, helping to address financial barriers to care while bridging health care gaps using a specialty service of medication therapy management. We are also certified pharmacogenomics counselors, meaning that we are able to screen for harmful drug interactions with your body, and get a closer look at a patient’s genes to assess harmful medication risks in therapy.