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The Challenges of Being a Family Senior Caregiver are Always Increasing

The Value You Receive from Joining Generationally Prepared Will Grow with Your Challenges of Being a Family Senior Caregiver

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The ability to share experiences will be your greatest resource.

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Do You Identify As a Family Senior Caregiver?

30 Activity Ideas for Seniors

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About Scott Bown

Don't feel uncertainty or doubt when all you want to do is make sure your loved ones are taken care of and happy.

Access the resources, support, and knowledge to successfully navigate the evolving challenges of caring for your aging loved ones and yourself.

Generationally Prepared is Your Go to Resource for Building Support, Confidence and Control while Caring for your Seniors.



Generationally Prepared Gives You:

  • Organized Resources and Tools so that you don't have to search the internet
  • Industry Leaders and Experts for Live Q&A's
  • A Community of People in similar life stages so you don't have to go through Caregiving alone
  • Techniques to communicate better with your senior and support team.
  • Develop your support team of family, friends, community and professionals.
  • Gain "just enough" financial knowledge to develop your approach and gain control.
  • Learn how to move beyond the "small details" and live your and your senior's life with greater purpose.
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Founding Membership Launch March 1 - June 1, 2023


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  • As a Founding Member, you will have the ability to help build Generationally Prepared through your feedback and insights. No matter what future services are - if you have not left and come back - you will keep your initial monthly membership fee!
  • "What to Consider While Transitioning into the Senior Caregiver Role" series of Videos
  • Access to Live Q&A's with Experts and Thought Leaders within the Care Economy
  • Access to all Member Resources and Tools
  • The Ability to engage and gain support from the Robust Online Community
  • Access to a Personal Financial Literacy Course: anytime on your own time
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Gain control of the never-ending administrative tasks and the hoops you are jumping through.

Know where to start and what to do next to help your loved one navigate this next chapter of their life.


 "What Issues Should I Consider for My Aging Parents?"

This FREE checklist along with a flowchart of how to Create Smart Goals, A Step-by-Step Goal Action Plan Worksheet and a Weekly To Do List will give you clarity on where to start and what to do next for you aging Seniors.