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Hi, I'm Scott Bown

Seasoned Professional.  Community Builder. Aspirational Guide.

Personal Experiences

I understand how it feels to sit by a hospital bed with pen and paper asking a loved one questions.


I have always been driven to teach, share resources and information. Through the convergence of both my personal and professional experiences as a Certified Financial Planner(TM), I have come to understand the challenges of caring for an aging family member.

Therefore, I have done the research, organized the tools and resources, made the connections with Industry leaders and experts all while building this supportive community so that you don't have too.

Generationally Prepared LLC does not give any financial, legal, tax, insurance, medical, or any other type of professional advice. For actual advice you need to consult the appropriate expert. Generationally Prepared LLC does not engage in any aspect of providing financial planning services, such as but not limited to, the collection of or interpretation of any personal data from members. 

  • A series of Educational Videos to help guide you while transitioning into  Caring for your Aging Parents 
  • Educational Checklists and Flowcharts of Personal Finances and Day to Day Aspects of Supporting and Caring for your Family as they Age
  • An Ever-Growing, Membership Resource Center providing you current Content in areas such as Technology for Seniors, Articles prepared exclusively for Members and more
  • A Robust, Supportive Online Community that is based on the latest technology such as providing ease of access with the Android and IOS Apps

Why Choose Generationally Prepared

I created Generationally Prepared to be a Center of Knowledge, Resources and Community to help all of us know the moving parts of being a caregiver, what to focus on when, how to get organized, where to start and what to do next while navigating the evolving challenges of being a Family Senior Caregiver.

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